We were once one of  six Tribes of the Miami Nation of
the Northwest Territory.  Our Tribe consists of  
descendants of the Wea Indians and the treaty
signatories who have been coming together for years
sharing our culture and exchanging our history and
family genealogy.
Our membership continues to grow in numbers as more
of us reunite again.  We are working to continue to
establish this tribe and the descendants on all fronts
with the Federal, State and local governments,
agencies, etc., and Native American communities to
advance our people and Tribe.   We have worked hard to
bring back our traditions, culture, history and
language.  And will continue to work to protect our
ancestors sites and graves.   

Representatives of the Tribal Council have been guest
speakers at Schools, Colleges, Historical societies and
libraries. We supported and worked for legislation to
establish the Indiana Native American Indian Affairs
Commission with Native brothers and sisters tribes to
help get this legislation pass. It passed in 2004 and the
Chief has a seat on it.  We have worked with the
Indiana Historical Bureau to esblish our sites.  In 2004
there was a marker  placed in Terre Haute depicting
the Wea presence there before settlement. Many issues
are being addressed daily conerning our traditions,  
history, language and culture both past and present
and preserving this for the future

This web site is dedicated to our ancestors and is for our
people to share our history, culture, language, customs
and traditions with each other and by doing so will
once again Bring together all Wea descendants.
This web site, our past, present and future, we share
with you.
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The Original Site of the Wea Tribe of Indiana
Est. 1995
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The Wea Indian Tribe of Indiana, Inc., website was formed for
and owned  by the
Wea Indian people,

The Wea Indian Tribe of Indiana is recognized by the State of Indiana as a Tribe and retains a seat on the
Indiana Native American Indian Affairs Commission to represent them.and consists of a majority of persons
of Native American Indian Descent.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns in this area.

(The Wea Indian Tribe of Indiana, Inc. is NOT connected or  affiliated with the Wea Indian Tribe
Incorporated in any area.)
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