Genealogy Services.
More and more people are seeking their
lineage for whatever reason.   We do not
provide a genealogy service at this time.  We
do require proof of your lineage if you seek
membership.  This is done by going over your
submitted paperwork and confirming your
Wea lineage according to our membership
rules, this is at your request and there is a
membership Fee.  We would like to suggest
that you thoroughly check out any organization
or person(s) that does genealogy for a fee.  
Make sure they are registered as such and
also have a license within the home state to
conduct such services if it is required.  Make
sure that before you enlist their services that
your information is protected and will not be
published or copyrighted or utilized by them
without your written permission this is to
protect your privacy.   If you pay for this type
of service any and all information or
paperwork that is acquired by them for you is
owned by not the organization or person(s)
doing the research and all documents should
be returned to you that was acquired.  A good
resource online to inquire about Genealogy
and standards is at