Membership Information

Tribal Memberships
Tribal Membership is open into the Wea Indian Tribe of
Indiana, Inc. for persons that are lineal descendants of
the Wea Indians.   

Any person that is a descendant of any Wea Indian
person and can show proof of such lineage to persons on
any Treaties, Annuity Rolls, Federal, State or County
Census Rolls, Private documents, Baptismal or Personal
family records or who can in any way prove satisfactorily
his or her lineage in acceptable documentation can
become an Enrolled Tribal Member.

For further information about Tribal Membership
Enrollment contact:

Betty Stuff by email at
Or by regular mail to:

Wea Indian Tribe of Indiana, Inc.
4523 Struth Lane
Pace, FL  32571
ATTN:  Tribal Enrollment

NOTE: We do not offer genealogy research services at
this time.  Nor do we recommend any Service.  We do
substantiate your information and if there are any
problems or questions we will gladly help you in any way
we can.
Any information submitted will not be used for any
reason other than to substantiate your lineage and will be
kept strictly confidential.  

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