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Childrens Short Story
Danny Walters

In a time long before the white man entered turtle island the land was pure and
only the many tribes lived there. They didn't live far from each other but at the
same time they never got along with each other either. One day a little Cherokee
girl of the age of 6 was playing outside and decided to go into the great forest.
She stopped to smell the flowers and listen to the birds sing. She was skipping
along and enjoying herself when all of a sudden she fell into a big hole, scraping
her knees and hands she stood up and tried to get out but couldn't and then began
to cry. A few minutes later a Mohawk boy about 10 years old was coming from the
other direction in the great forest pretending he was hunting like his father. He
heard a noise in the bushes and sneaked up on it and with one big leap he tried to
catch what he heard rustling in the bushes, but instead fell into the same hole the
little Cherokee girl fell into. He got up and noticed the little girl crying and said
he would try to get them out. But the hole was to deep and there was nothing for
him to grab a hold of for leverage and decided to confront the little girl and hope
that his parents would come looking for him. Awhile went by when a 12 year old
Miami boy was running in the great forest as if he was being chased by
something, when he to fell the deep hole but doing so he broke his leg. The Mohawk
boy saw the Miami boy lying on the ground and said: "What are you doing here?
Go away we are not to speak to each other and you are our enemy so my father
says" The Miami boy didn't move or say anything. Again the Mohawk boy said
"HEY I'm talking to you, don't ignore me", but still the Miami boy didn't move or
say anything except moan with pain. As the Mohawk boy started to get up and
say something again, the Cherokee girl said, "Look, he is hurt, his leg is
bleeding." So the Mohawk went to the Miami boy and asked if he was ok and the
Miami boy said "Its my leg I can not move it and hurts real bad". The Mohawk boy
remember what his father did for him when he hurt his leg real bad found some
sticks and took his sash from his waist and tied the sticks around the Miami
boys leg. The Miami boy asked the other kids how long they was in the hole and
they said not very long but we can't get out because the hole is too deep. They
began to yell real loud hoping that their parents would be out looking for them, but
the only creatures that heard their cry was the animals of the great forest. First
squirrel went up to the hole to see what was making all the noise and saw the three
children and immediately went to the great bear and told him what she saw. The
great Bear (Makwa) went to the hole and as the squirrel had told him, he saw three
children stuck in the deep hole. The children saw the great bear and were afraid
they would be eaten. The great Bear stood on his hind legs, he gave out a loud roar
and soon other animals started to appear. When they had arrived, great Bear said
to them "I know we do not get along most of the time for it is our nature, but these
children are stuck in this hole and can not get out and their parents maybe
looking for them. So let us work together and get them out of this hole." He looked
at the wolves and said go and gets some vines for rope, and off they went. Then he
told the deer to go get some berries for the children for they may be hungry and
they went off looking for berries. He told squirrel and rabbit to go get some water
and off they went. Soon all the animals returned with all the things great bear
had asked for and then told squirrel to take the berries and water down to the
children so that they may eat and drink. Then he told the rabbit to go look for the
children’s parents and bring them here, so rabbit hopped away as quickly as he
could. Meanwhile, the Cherokee girls parents was getting worried about their
daughter and entered the great forest to look for her. The Mohawk and Miami boy's
parents were doing the same thing. When they all saw each other they was ready to
fight each other and started to accuse each other for stealing their children. This
went on for sometime when rabbit showed up he hopped right in the middle of them
and said come with me your children need you and off rabbit went back to the hole
with the parents right behind him. When the parents arrived they stopped dead in
their tracks with fear because seeing all the animals they thought for sure that
their children would be eaten. But as they slowly approached the Great Bear said to
them your children are fine but need your help to get them out. The father of the
Mohawk boy looked down the hole and asked if his son was ok and he said yes.
Then said " 'll rescue the children and the other fathers said no we will rescue our
children and again an argument began again. The Great bear gave out a great big
roar and they stopped arguing and said to them " All three of you must work
together to get them out" They agreed. So the Mohawk father said I will go down
the hole and tie the vine around each one and then you two can pull them up. So
down the hole he went and when got there he started to tie the rope around his son
first thinking that after he was out then he would climb out and go home leaving
the other two children there. His son stopped him and said "You must get the
Miami boy out first for he is injured and then the little girl for she is scared and
frail, then I will go after." So his father being surprised at what his son said did
just that and they all was rescued. The great bear had these words to say to the
parents before he left, " We animals by nature do not get along and are enemies,
but when there is danger or crisis such as this we work together as one and you
humans should learn to do the same." Then great bear and all the other animals
left. The children became great friends and their parents watching their children
decided to do the same and never fought with each other again.


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